Climate Conscious​​​​​​​ Adventure

I am one half of the climate conscious adventure-collective INTOWILD. We draw attention to factors that threaten our world in its diversity and at the same time show ways in which responsible adventures can look like. 

For our first adventure we travelled to Norway by train to paddle from Bergen to Lysebotn. Going on a kayak adventure by getting on a train seemed like a contradiction in terms, but in the summer of 2020 a lot of planning and unpredictable changes turned into an unforgettable journey.  

In 2021 we wanted to combine thrilling adventures with the visualization of data and facts about environmental protection. For this purpose, we set out in a specially constructed vehicle made of recycled materials to symbolize pollution of the danube. Along the river, not only water samples were collected but also the beauties of the river and the cultures it produced were recorded. 

In order to illustrate the relevance of seasonal and regional shopping, this year we brought apricots, which also grow close to our homes, from France to Austria. Doing so, we pushed shopping trolleys, while wearing inline skates, from Lyon via the Swiss Alpine valleys to Vorarlberg. This project is not only an eye-catcher per se but also set the unofficial world record for the longest distance ever covered with a shopping trolley.

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