MAIRA Weekender AT - Tour Dokumentation

Released 4.12.2019

After I was allowed to accompany "Maira" on their last tour, I knew that this weekend will be unique again. The Weekend started in Enns on Sep the 6th and finished in Innsbruck.
SURICATES - "Vintage Gold Session" Live Performance

Released 20.9.2019

Camera:  Liam Strasser, Florian Ebenberger

Songs: Jubilee / Rotten Socks / Peasants & Kings (Vintage Gold Version) Band: SURICATES ------ Written & performed by SURICATES Recorded, mixed & mastered at S.T.R.E.S.S. 
Weddingdress-Photography for "Die Burgenländerin" - Making of Video

Released 15.10.2019

"Die Burgenländerin" cooperated with Golden Elephant Wedding-Photography.
Model: Florian & Polina Schober (Stella Models)
KAYOMI - "Paranoid"

Released 17.10.2019

Recording and Mixing: Alexander Lausch, Mastering: Alexander Vatagin 
Actors: Hannah Keresztes Bernhard Pertiller Sebastian Distl Fabian Stiedl Bettina Pscheidl Eva Wallner

The singer is locked up in a house, where more and more strange things happen. And somehow it always pulls him back to the pool.

Released 31.5.2019

Actor: Karl Haider. Music produced & mixed by Martin X. Forster. Written & performed by Sympathy for Strawberry. Mastered by Alexander Lausch.

The main character wakes up in an unknown place, feels more and more watched. Notes catch up and he literally dissolve into "nothing".
MAIRA - Tour Dokumentation

Released 18.5.2019

I was happy to accompany the band "Maira" over a weekend in the Czech Republic. The nights were long, the concerts much too short. All in all, it was an unforgettable time.
QUERFUNK - "Bier gibt Ärger"

Released 15.2.2019

The band starts on a "Thursday demonstration" and ends up in the bar "Marea". Jumps directly on stage and make the audience dance all night.

FALSE KING - "Blood Pools"

Released 18.1.2019

Everything Audio: Rob Marshall & Nic Gracia at Canvas Group

One Shot Video filmed on the same day and place as "Movements II"
FALSE KING - "Blood Pools"

Released 3.2.2019

Everything Audio: Rob Marshall & Nic Gracia at Canvas Group

Filmed on the same day and place as "Blood Pools"

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